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TLBC Worship

TLBC Worship Ministry

Worship is not only a vital part of who we are as a church, but also a vital part of what we want to become. True worship is the expression of love, gratitude and joy to God from the deepest levels of our hearts as we commit to living our everyday lives in obedience to Him.

At the very core of worship is the recognition of a good and great God and all He has done for us through Christ, and an increasing desire to become more like our Savior in both our thoughts and in our actions.
To be involved in worship, then, means much more than merely singing along with others in the sanctuary. It is a mindset, a stance, of complete surrender to God as we look for and follow the leading of his Spirit at work in our lives as Christian believers. It is the very embodiment of our church’s vision of “bringing relationships to life”.

And the music? It is a simple, yet beautiful and wonderful way to join corporately with others in lifting our praises to God as we truly worship Him. So, just as Christ invites everyone into a saving relationship with him, we, as a church welcome and invite everyone to be a part of the wonder of worship.

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