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Church security seems a contradiction in terms, but churches everywhere have been compelled to seriously address this challenging issue. We understand your concerns about church security and take these concerns seriously.
Every volunteer in our Kid’s Ministry and Youth Ministry undergoes an initial background check prior to volunteering in these ministry areas. Follow-on background checks are done periodically thereafter.
We employ a two-person minimum rule for adults in children classrooms. There are always at least two adults present. Men are not permitted to change diapers. Children’s toys are wiped down and sanitized after every classroom period. We do not accept children that have a fever or show other signs of infection or contagion.
Our check-in procedures have the well-being of your child in mind, including the identification of allergies and associated restrictions. We use a card system to help us ensure that only an authorized adult may pick up a child.
Every access door to the church is numbered sequentially and clearly on the outside in order to inform and assist first respondents regarding the closest entry to an emergency.
Trained subject-matter experts conduct annual safety and health training and certification, to include the operation of AEDs, emergency response kits and first aid kits. Our emergency equipment is stored centrally and is readily accessible for emergencies. Wheelchairs are available on demand.
Accessible doors are reduced to the minimum number needed for an event. On Sundays and for large gatherings accessible doors are staffed by greeters.  These greeters have training and equipment to assist should any emergency arise.
Our weekday service door is secured with access authorized remotely by staff personnel and assisted by video cameras for positive identification purposes.
We have a centralized security monitoring system with multiple cameras positioned strategically inside and outside the building.
Our staff has been trained and has attended safety seminars organized by local law enforcement to assist us in dealing with any incidents.  We have enacted policies and procedures suggested by trained safety inspectors to ensure a safe environment for our guests and members. 
We have a Security and Safety Team that is responsible for identifying and resolving security and safety risks.

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