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Finding Your Pathway

Who we are as a church, stems from our core beliefs and what we see as our most important focus: Loving God and Loving People.
Our goal, our vision, is simply stated: Bring Relationships to Life.
To further explore who we are as a church and what opportunities there are for you to become more involved, click here or visit one of the links below. We would really like to get to know you!

Tell Us Your Skills & Interests


Church 101 + Disciple Groups

Church 101: We are a community of Christ-followers who invite you to join us as we learn to do life together as His disciples. We host an informational meeting, “Church 101”, on the 2nd Sunday of each month, to introduce you to Thalia Lynn and our vision. We will discuss Disciple Groups, becoming a church member, serving others on our ministry teams, and answer questions you might have.

Disciple Groups: Our Disciple Groups meet for Bible study, prayer, and fellowship. Feel free to visit a few before finding one that “feels like home.” Attend in-person or contact Darleen Mastin at for Zoom options.

Serving others is a big part of how we bring relationships to life here at Thalia Lynn Baptist Church. With the Skills and Interest Form, you will be able to see how you can best serve us and help bring to life your relationship with this church. You can also do this by exploring the different ministries we have to offer and their upcoming events. 

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