These are extraordinary times.
Extraordinary times require extraordinary men.
answer the call to be the man god designed you to be.


Get plugged into our Men’s Discipleship Group and join us on the path toward spiritual maturity.

Come join us for our Graduation/Kickoff Celebration on Sunday October 3rd, 2021 at 5:30PM.  This is a church-wide celebration of our men who have participated in the K21 Men’s Discipleship Group over the past two years.
Men if you participated at all in either year one material or year two material you are invited to participate in the ceremony and the ‘feast” afterwards in the fellowship hall.
The past couple of years have thrown us some challenges so we want to celebrate all victories, big and small so we want you to come participate.
Contact Thom Owens at for more information.
Knights of the 21st Century (K21)
If you want to be a catalyst for change and can humbly accept God’s eternal rewards, you can help heal our culture by joining our K21 Men’s Ministry.  We’re looking to challenge ordinary men just like you into becoming REAL men: 
– Men who recognize that our culture is in shambles and that have the passion to change it for God
– Men willing suit up to do something about it
– Men who will fix their eyes on Jesus – who WILL empower them to make a difference
Contact the Church Office Today!
Our first year cohort completed their journey in the Study of Squires: The Training of the Knight. 
“Our culture is broken because men don’t know how to be men according to God’s standard. Knights not only helped me see that, but gave me a path to do something about it.”
Our second year cohort continues their journey in the study of Warrior: The Clarity of the Knight. If you are going to be joining us, let us know so we can get the right number of workbooks.
“Being a man in today’s culture is a constant fight. Knights has given me the tools to be able to weigh into that battle properly trained and equipped for that fight.”
“From Clarity Comes Wisdom”
Our third year cohort continues to refine their understanding of God’s design for manhood. In this leg of our manhood journey we study Oracle: The Wisdom of a Knight. No matter how much or how little you have completed in previous material, you can join us in this cohort if you desire. 
“As a man internalizes the nobility of his knighthood calling, he must learn to think differently and rise above the mundane thought patterns of the past.”
“Your World Needs a Hero!”
The $25 registration fee covers your workbook, graduation materials and weekly refreshments (when available). Contact the church office to get registered.