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Teaching Kids to KNOW, GROW, & SHOW God's Love


KIDs Ministry Minister Contact

Peggy Peek
Executive Pastor of Ministries
757-499-0557 ext. 211

Our TLBC KIDs Ministry encourages kids to KNOW God’s Word as truth, to GROW in their faith & have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ, and to SHOW God’s love in their own day-to-day life.

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Relationally Driven

Our church mission is to bring relationships to life.  We want to build a generation of young people who relate to God as a close friend and naturally draws others into His friendship, too.  We want to support and work alongside parents to help lead their child to a belief in Jesus Christ.  We have dedicated teachers who are eager to share their faith with the kids each week in a safe environment for children to be themselves.  We want kids to grow in faith but also to form friendships that will last a lifetime.

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