Sunday Morning Bible Study Groups

At Thalia Lynn there are multiple Sunday morning Bible Study opportunities encompassing all age groups and taking into account varied learning styles and interests.  For this reason adult guests are encouraged to "shop around" for the group that best fits their Bible study needs - needs that we strive to meet in context of a friendly, welcoming environment.  Below is a current listing of adult Bible study groups along with the location of the classes.


Bible Studies by Books of the Bible

Agape (men and women), room 114
Young Adults (men & women), room 63
Bereans (men and women), room 118
Grace & Truth room (men & women), room 47
Fishermen (men), room 51
Bible Studies by Topic     
Revelation/Victory (men & women), room 113
Hope (men & women), room 111
Fellowship (men & women) room 120
Friendship (men & women), room 114
Genesis (men & women), room 112
Pairs and Spares (men & women), room 121
Carpenters (men & women), 11
Adult Special Needs (men & women), room 26
Gideon Class (men & women), 89
Young Home Builders (men & women), room 49
New Life (men and women), room 50
Kairos (coed college-age), conference room 52

Faith Seekers (women), room 54