Thalia Lynn Baptist Church offers online giving as a quick, easy and secure option.  You may use either your debit or credit card—whichever is most convenient. 

Thank you for your financial support of Thalia Lynn Baptist Church! Your generosity helps in our mission of bringing people’s relationships with Christ and with one another to life. 

Please select one of the three giving options below:


Online Giving:  Easily make contributions, payments, and donations.  Click here Online Giving if you are using either Chrome, Microsoft Edge, FireFox, or Safari.  Unfortunately this link does not play well with Internet Explorer.  You may also copy and paste the address onto your browser (Chrome, Microsoft Edge, FireFox, or Safari) and save it as a book mark so that it is readily available.  That address is

Mobile Giving:  Easily give from anywhere via your smartphone using your REALM Connect App.  Contact the church office to set you up as an App user under REALM. 

Text Giving:  Giving as easy as sending a text message to the church via smartphone:

          Type "73256" in the "To" address box
          Type "TLBC" in the text box and then enter your giving amount.  For example:  "TLBC 100.00"
          Click "Send" and follow the instructions.

Kiosk Giving: Empower self-service giving from our Giving Kiosk immediately outside the Sanctuary.