Weekly Schedule
8:30     Worship Service (Childcare for ages 4 and under)
9:45      Disciple Groups for all ages
11:00    Worship Service (Childcare for ages 4 and under)
5:30      Youth Bible Study
1:30      Low Impact Exercise
9:30     JOY Singers
11:00    Food Pantry Team
        5:45     Men’s Prayer Meeting
10:00  Music & Me 
1:30     Women in the Word
5:00    Weekly Uplift (Chapel/Facebook Live)
5:15      Pray Together – Prayer Meeting in the Chapel
6:00    Adult Spiritual Formations – Financial Faithfulness
     The Motherhood (Ladies with Children)
     KIDS Praise
     Youth F.O.C.U.S.
7:00    Adult Choir/Orchestra Rehearsal
Friday                  Church Closed