Al-Anon Meeting

Thursdays (Weekly) at 12:30 pm [Room 111]

Alcoholics Anonymous Meeting

Fridays (Weekly) at 12:00 pm [Room 112]
Sundays (Weekly) at 11:30 am [Room 112]

Multiple Myeloma Support Group

Saturdays (Monthly) at 9:00 am [Fellowship Hall]

Narcotics Anonymous Meeting

Wednesdays (Weekly) at 5:30 pm [Room 112]

Town Center Christian Fellowship

Wednesdays (Weekly) at 12:00 noon until 12:45 pm [Conference Room]
A Christian fellowship has been initiated to provide the Town Center business community with a mid-week opportunity for Christian fellowship, Bible study, and discussion. It is conducted in an informal atmosphere in which business professionals and others can come together in fellowship designed to encourage and equip participants to become sources of faith and light at work, at home, and throughout the Hampton Roads communities.
Town Center Christian Fellowship is an interdenominational, non-church-related Bible Study that is conduced at Thalia Lynn Baptist Church on Virginia Beach Boulevard (adjacent to Princess Anne High School) every Wednesday from 12:00 noon until 12:45 pm.
Attendees bring their own lunches and the timeframe allows them to enjoy fellowship while they eat and study God’s Word and return to work within their allotted lunch breaks.
The group is currently engaged in an around-the-table, verse-by-verse study and discussion of the Book of Psalms. Each attendee participates and contributes to the discussions that center on the Scriptures’ meanings and applications to personal, familial, and business life while maintaining Bible’s integrity.
The Fellowship is open to all and no reservation is required.